Racquetball Equipment


Since its inception in the mid 20th century the technology behind racquetball has changed drastically. Initially the racquets were very small and made from wood. Players couldn’t generate the amount of power they do today and as a result different strategies were used.

Today’s lightning fast game is a polar opposite of the way the game was played even as recent as the 1980s. With the technological advances in the racquet frames, the ball and the strings some professional players can hit the ball very close to 200 mph. This makes for extremely exciting game play and a treat for people to view.

Most players find it easier to grip the racquet while wearing a racquetball glove typically made out of some form of leather or synthetic material. They are a standard in the industry and can be found readily at most racquetball retailers.

When playing in a tournament players are required to wear eye protectioneyewear in the form of eye-guards or goggles. Most clubs and recreational facilities also require players to wear such protection. Wearing eye protection is very important !

The game of racquetball can be extremely intense and an excellent form of exercise. Competitive players are estimated to burn in excess of 800 calories per hour depending on their weight and other factors. While burning this many calories players often find themselves sweating profusely and many people find it necessary to wear a headband or bandana to keep the sweat from forming around their eye-protection.

And don’t forget about the hollow rubber ball you’ll need to play. They come in many different colors and name brands which affect the bounce and playability of the ball. Try out a few to see which one is right for you.