Men's Open Rankings -  2022/2023 Season

(as of March 14, 2023)

The European Racquetball Tour of the 2022 – 2023 Season is off to a good start, with well-attended tournaments across Europe. This includes new ERT participating tournaments in Belgium and Wiesbaden.

Note: Included in the 2022/2023 rankings are the results from the following tournaments:

Hamburg Open 2022
Ballinrobe Irish Open 2022
Belgian Open 2023
Wiesbaden Open 2023
Castlebar Open 2023
German Open 2023
Arklow Open IRISH OPEN 2023
Swiss Open 2023
Worms Open 2023
If Racquetball Italy is able to get their courts operational prior to the original date of the tournament (June), this tournament will also be included.

1Marcel Luensmann27
2Arne Schmitz14
3Mikan van Zanten13.5
4Johnny O’Keeney9
5Joe Devenney7
6Mike Mesecke6.5
7Brian Byrne5
8Maxime Bizeau5
9Noel O’Callaghan5
10John Frederik5