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Hamburg, November 14, 2023 – The European Racquetball Federation (‘ERF’) has decided to amend the rules applicable to official tournaments in its membership countries with respect to points per game.

In an effort to align the European-wide rules with both the International Racquetball Federation’s earlier rule change, as well as the Racquetball Association of Ireland’s adoption of this rule earlier this season, matches will going forward be played as best-of-5-games to 11 points each game, with win by two each game, effective January 1st 2024. All games will continue to be played with ‘rally scoring’, allowing each player or team to  earn game and match point both as a server and receiver.

It is noted that this rule change was not uncontested, with the benefits of predictability of game times, stronger anticipated (online) spectator interest, and match scoring alignment across Europe and within the global community outweighing the perceived disadvantage of decreasing players’ on-court time of this game they so enjoy.

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