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Jorczik and Acuavera win Bavarian Open 2015

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BavarianOpen2015Germany’s Simone Jorczik and ED “AC” Acuavera (USA) are the winners of the Bavarian Open 2015 in Bad Tolz. Jorczik defeated Mabel Vela (Bolivia) 15-6, 15-3 in the final, while Acuavera defeated former European Champion Joachim Loof (Germany) with 15-6, 9-15, 11-7 in the final. Acuavera’s success at this years’ Bavarian Open marks the first win for an American since Frank Toney in 1989. Since then, a German player was always able to win the Bavarian Open. Until this year…

Germany’s Oliver Bertels and Arne Schmitz defeated Acuavera and Loof in the Mens Open final with 15-13, 15-6.

Other winners:

Mens B
1. Alexander Roth (GER)
2. Henry Angulo (BOL)

Mens C
1. Brian Sharp (USA)
2. Andre Dobberstein (GER)

Seniors 35+
1. Donnel Valdez (BOL)
2. Markus Mindnich (GER)

Masters 50+
1. James Johnson (USA)
2. John Frederick (USA)

1. Peter Zuber (GER)
2. Len Larin Kock (GER)
3. Tim Scheffler (GER)
4. Finn Krister Süchting (GER)


See some great pictures of the event here: