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ERF now accepting application for Technical Director

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ERF-3The European Racquetball Federation now accepts applications for the position of

Technical Director

for a 2-year term (2015-2017).

The Technical Director of the European Racquetball Federation will be responsible to the Board of the European Racquetball Federation. The Technical Director will submit an annual report to the European Racquetball Congress.

The Technical Director shall be responsible for:

  • European Racquetball Calendar – planning the calendar of events of the ERF/European Racquetball Tour.
  • Racquetball Rules – ensuring that the rulebook of the ERF is up to date, possibly making suggestions for changes
  • Ranking Lists – prompt updating of ranking lists after each tournament
  • Tournaments – working directly with tournament directors in each country to ensure that ERF sanctioned tournaments are run in compliance with ERF rules and conditions
  • European Championships – Manage every two years the European Championships to include making of draws, seeding, scheduling of matches.
  • Officiating – Possibly implement a referee and officiating program for the ERF

Terms and conditions:

  • The TD may be required to travel to sanctioned tournaments.
  • Term begins 1st of September 2015 and end 30th of August 2017.
  • The ERF reserves the right to close the application process at the point a successful candidate is selected.

Written applications should be expressing the reasons for interest in the position, unique skills that would be brought to the position, and the availability of the applicant and submitted to the General Secretary Pascal Matla at

The application deadline is 15th August 2015.