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Comeback for Oliver Bertels at German Nationals 2020

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Huge comeback for Oliver Bertels at the 39th German Nationals in Hamburg. The winner from 2016 defeated defending and current European Champion Marcel Czempisz in straight two games 15-2, 15-8 to celebrate a surprising comeback after not playing any  official events for more than a year (except team at the EURO 2019). No surprises on the ladies side as Yvonne Mesecke claimed another success against Renate Hartmann, followed by Jytte Tove Süchting. Bertels was also victorious in the doubles final with his long time doubles partner Arne Schmitz: Both defeated Marcel Czempisz and Ralf Klinke with 15-8, 15-9.

All finals:

Mens Singles:
Oliver Bertels – Marcel Czempisz (Hamburg) 15-2, 15-8

Ladies Singles:
Yvonne Mesecke (Hamburg) – Renate Hartmann (Barsbüttel) 15-10, 15-4

Mens B:
Chris Zimmermann (Worms) – Tjark Süchting (Hamburg) 15-5, 15-1

Seniors 30+:
Marcel Czempisz (Hamburg) – Ralf Klinke (Bremen) 15-6, 15-8

Seniors 50+
Christian Habier – Tjark Süchting (Hamburg) 15-12, 15-4

Mens Doubles:
O. Bertels & A. Schmitz – M. Czempisz & R. Klinke 15-8, 15-9

Juniors U21:
Len Laurin Kock (Damp) – Finn Krister Süchting 15-6, 15-7

Picture: DRBV