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48 juniors competed in the All Ireland Junior Championships

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airejuniors2016An impressive number of 48 young racquetball players competed in the All Ireland Junior Championships held in Mitchelstown & Fermoy on Saturday 19th November. Competitions were offered in various “age” divisions for boys boys & girls at Under 9, 11, 13, 15 & 17 singles. Affiliated clubs of the Racquetball Association of Ireland were represented from Araglen, Castlebar, Fermoy, Mitchelstown and Templederry. Thanks go to all the parents who came to watch their children compete and to Mick Cunningham, Shay Russell and Michael Haverty for running the event on the day. The next junior event will be a one day clinic in Galway on Friday 30th December.


Boys Under 9 Joshua Hynes(Araglen) def Kieran Hynes(Araglen) 2-1
Boys Under 11 Conor Twomey(Arglen ) def Niall Cloney(Fermoy) 2-0 3rd place – Christopher Ring(Fermoy) & Jason Hynes(Araglen)
Boys Under 13 Daniel Hanrahan(Galmoy) def Keelan O`Gorman(Araglen) 2-0 3rd Place – Cathal Hanrahan(Castlebar) & Cathal Gielty(Castlebar)
Boys Under 15 Jack Kearney(Araglen) def Ben Carey(Araglen) 2-0 Diarmuid Allen(Araglen) & Paul Hynes(Araglen)
Boys Under 17 Jack Kearney(Araglen) def Sean Ryan(Templederry) 2-0 Paul Hynes(Araglen) & Ben Carey(Araglen)
Girls Under 9 Sophie Ring(Fermoy) def Maeve Coney(Fermoy) 2-1
Girls Under 11 Rachel Mulqueen(Mitchelstown) def Rachel Bratchford(Fermoy) 2-1 3rd Place Ciara Carberry(Fermoy)
Girls Under 13 Sarah Ainsworth(Castlebar) def Thea Coleman(Mitchelstown) 2-0 3rd Place – Orla Clarke(Castlebar) & Rachel Mulqueen (Mitchelstown)
Girls Under 15 Sarah Ainsworth(Castlebar) def Aoife Beckett(Araglen) 2-0 3rd Place Julie Lavelle(Castlebar) & Thea Coleman(Mitchelstown)
Plate Competitions Boys Under 9 Conor O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def Rory Bratchford(Fermoy)
Boys Under 11 Eoin Hynes(Araglen) def Niall Cloney(Fermoy)
Boys Under 13 Ciaran Cloney(Fermoy) def Jack Burke(Fermoy)
Boys Under 15 Jack Hanrahan(Galmoy) def Mikie Ryan(Templederry)
Boys Under 17 Luke Kenny(Castlebar) def Eoin Hanrahan(Castlebar)
Girls Under 9 Abbie O`Meara(Fermoy) def Amy Hawe(Fermoy)
Girls Under 13 Rachel Mulqueen (Mitchelstown) def Anna Howard(Fermoy)
Girls Under 15 Sarah Barrett(Castlebar) def Caoimhe Gibbons(Castlebar)

 Picture (c) RAI