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European Racquetball Tour Calendar Season 2020 – 2021

The European Racquetball Tour (ERT) was established in 1999 to promote tournament participation and to generally promote Racquetball in Europe through well organised tournaments for players of all skill levels. See here for more information on the ERT.

The 2019-2020 Tour was put on hold after just a couple of ERT events as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The national organizations have put together an extensive event list for the 2020-2021 season, kicking off with the Fermoy Open being succesfully hosted with multiple safety precautions. The full list is shown below.

However, the Pandemic is ongoing, and event organizers are following the situation closely. The October ERT Event Hamburg Open has for example been cancelled as a result of the Pandemic. Please contact the organizers to obtain the latest information on your event of choice.

Tournaments in Bold Italic are ERT events counting towards the European Rankings.

2020 – 2021 Racquetball Calendar

Note Country Date Tournament Tour City Contact
Ireland 12th – 13th Sept Fermoy Open RAI Fermoy Johnny O’Keeney
087 9184848
Ireland 3rd – 4th Oct Galway Open RAI Galway Ray Keleghan
087 6103974
Ireland 17th – 18th Oct Kilkenny Open RAI Kilkenny Mark Murphy
086 3604192
Cancelled Germany 24th – 25th Oct Hamburg Open DRV/ERT Hamburg http://v3.racquetball.de/event/hamburg-open-2020/
Netherlands Oct/Nov Dutch Nationals NRA The Hague info@racquetball.nl
Ireland 7th – 8th Nov Ballinrobe Irish Open RAI/ERT Ballinrobe Michael Kelly
087 2370377
Germany 20th – 21st Nov Hamburg Championships DRV Hamburg http://v3.racquetball.de/event/hamburger-meisterschaften/
Ireland 28th – 29th Nov All Ireland Singles & Doubles Championships RAI Galway Eoin Tynan
086 8756351
Ireland 5th – 6th Dec Junior Uneven All Irelands RAI Fermoy Johnny O’Keeney
087 9184848
Bolivia 6th – 12th Dec XXXII Junior World Championships IRF Santa Cruz de la Sierra http://www.internationalracquetball.com/future-events/
USA 16th – 19th Dec World Senior Championships IRF Albuquerque http://www.internationalracquetball.com/future-events/
Ireland 2nd – 3rd Jan 60 x 30 All Ireland Championships RAI TBA Mark Murphy
086 3604192
Ireland 16th – 17th Jan Tralee Open RAI Tralee Alan Farmer
087 2230621
Ireland 23rd-24th Jan Provincial Championships RAI
Singles Men & Women
Senior(Open & B), Intermediate(C & D), Novice
Connacht CR TBA Padraic Benson
Leinster LR TBA
Munster MR Fermoy Johnny O’Keeney
Ulster TBA
Ireland 30th – 31st Jan Junior B All Ireland Championships RAI Fermoy Michael Haverty
087 8234514
Germany 30th – 31st Jan German National Championships DRV Hamburg http://v3.racquetball.de/event/deutsche-meisterschaften/
Ireland 6th – 7th Feb Kingscourt Ulster Open RAI Kingscourt Sean Gargan
087 2584058
Ireland 20th – 21st Feb Junior Even All Ireland Championships RAI Castlebar Johnny O’Keeney
087 9184848
Ireland 27th – 28th Feb Arklow Open RAI Arklow Adam Neary
086 8871147
Ireland 6th – 7th Mar Irish Junior Open RAI Kilkenny Johnny O’Keeney
087 9184848
Ireland 13th – 14th Mar Womens Open RAI TBA Katie Kenny
087 9452464
Netherlands TBD – Mar Dutch Open NRA/ERT The Hague info@racquetball.nl
Ireland 20th Mar National Team Trials RAI TBA
Ireland 27th – 28th Mar Castlebar Open RAI/ERT Castlebar Michael Haverty
087 9234514
Germany 10th – 11th Apr German Open DRV/ERT Hamburg http://v3.racquetball.de/events/
Ireland 17th – 18th Apr All Ireland Singles & Doubles Championships RAI Fermoy Eoin Tynan
086 8756351
Ireland 8th – 9th May All Irelands Overage Championships RAI TBA Eoin Tynan
086 8756351
Switzerland TBD – May Swiss Open ERT Aesch secretary@racquetball.eu
Ireland 22nd May National Team Fundraiser RAI TBA
Italy May/June Italian Open – TBD if and when this tournament will be held ERT Brembate
Mexico 13th – 21st Aug XXX World Championships IRF San Luis Potosí http://www.internationalracquetball.com/future-events/
Ireland European Championships ERF TBA
Ireland EurAsia Championships IRF TBA
Ireland Sept Junior Team Fundraiser RAI TBA
Ireland Nov World Junior Championships IRF TBA