Information on the European Racquetball Tour

Overviewert The European Racquetball Tour (ERT) was established in 1999 to promote tournament participation and to generally promote Racquetball in Europe through well organised tournaments for players of all skilllevels. The ERT is linked to the European Racquetball Federation (ERF) which was founded in 1985 in The Netherlands. Currently the following countries are members of the ERF: Belgium, Catalonia (Spain), England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands,Poland, Scotland, and Turkey. France and Sweden may become members shortly. The Tour Currently the following tournaments are part of the ERT:
  1. Hamburg Open (GERMANY) November
  2. Irish Open (IRELAND) November
  3. Dutch Open (NETHERLANDS) March
  4. Castlebar Open (IRELAND) March
  5. German Open (GERMANY) April
  6. Italian Open (ITALY) June
In addition to the above, many more tournaments are held which are open to players also from outside the host country, especially in Ireland. In addition, various countries host regional or national tournaments. Please check the Upcoming Events section or check out the Racquetball Association of Ireland website. Ranking points are awarded for the Open divisions (singles and doubles) at the ERT tournaments that count towards the European Racquetball Rankings. ERT ranking points are only awarded in the following categories: Mens and Womens Open and Doubles, for categories of at least 4 participants/teams. Promotional Efforts The ERT promotes its events primarily through this website and its Facebook page.